Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dr. Blumenstein presents paper co-authored with Dr. Rivera at Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference

Dr. Lindsey Blumenstein and Dr. Mary Rivera, Justice Center faculty,  recently co-authored the paper, "IPV and Negative Health Outcomes Using the Alaska Victimization Survey." Dr. Blumenstein presented this paper at the March 2015 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual conference

In this paper, the authors note that the literature on intimate partner violence and health outcomes has found significant associations between negative health outcomes and IPV victimization. However, there is a lack of research on how specific types of abuse may affect physical and mental health. In particular the effects of psychological aggression and coercive controlling violence remain understudied. This study attempts to assess the impact of several different types of abuse, including psychological aggression, coercive control and entrapment, and physical and sexual violence on physical and mental health outcomes. The data for the study relies on the Alaska Victimization Survey.

The paper was part of the track on Emerging Research in Domestic Violence.