Monday, January 5, 2015

Justice alum Melanie Osborne featured in UAA "Alumni Advice for December grads"

Melanie Baca Osborne. (Photo by Philip Hall/UAA)
Melanie Baca Osborne, Just/Psych BA '96, was one of the grads featured in the recent article "Alumni advice for December grads"  on the UAA homepage. Her advice: Set high goals, but don't be disappointed to change course.

Melanie also carried the gonfalon for the College of Health at the December 14 winter commencement.  Read more about Melanie in her November 2014 "I Am UAA" profile.

What is a gonfalon?
It’s a ceremonial flag with roots stretching back to the Italian renaissance (fun fact: gonfalone is an Italian word for banner). The word gonfalon specifically refers to flags suspended vertically from a crossbar, and the banners are still used in numerous Italian towns. It was a prestigious honor to be a gonfalon bearer in renaissance Italy, and it continues to be a prestigious honor today—each college at UAA handpicks alumni to represent their program as a gonfalon bearer at commencement.

College of Health gonfalon.