Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Justice Center faculty make presentations at 70th Annual American Society of Criminology Conference

Justice and Legal Studies faculty presented on a variety of topics at the recent American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting in San Francisco, November 19-22, 2014. The theme for 2014 was "Criminology at the Intersection of Oppression."

Faculty presentations included:

Dr. André B. Rosay
Dr. Brad A. Myrstol

Roundtable on The National Institute of Justice’s Program of Research Examining Violence Against Indian Women

Dr. Allan Barnes
"Adapting Team-Based POGIL Techniques to Justice Classes: Is the Lecture Dead?"

Dr. Sharon Chamard
"Late Night Safety in Downtown Anchorage"

Dr. Marny Rivera
"The Impact of Early Exposure to Violence and Adversities on Youth Development and Offending"
Roundtable on Tackling False Impressions and Bias: Teaching the Tough Stuff in Criminal Justice

Dr. Troy Payne
Prof. Jason Brandeis, J.D.
"Marijuana Legalization in Alaska: Assessing the Potential Criminal Justice Impact"

Dr. Cory R. Lepage
"Conceptualizations of Justice from the Inside Looking Out: A Rationalization for the Perceptions and Satisfaction by Justices in Rural Courts"
Roundtable honorary session for Austin T. Turk, Department of Sociology, University of California Riverside  – discussion of Dr. Turk’s work including his conflict theory in criminology. Dr. Turk died in 2013.

Dr. Lindsey Blumenstein
"Arrest Decision-Making of Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparison of Same-Sex versus Heterosexual Partners Using the National Incidence-Based Reporting System"

The American Society of Criminology is an international organization whose members pursue scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency.

L to r: Dr. Allan Barnes, Justice faculty, and
Dr. Christian Pfeiffer, Director,
Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony,
Germany, one of the many international attendees.
Dr. Barnes presents research by Dr. Pfeiffer on traits
of judges and probation officers as part of his courses.