Friday, October 17, 2014

AJSAC to make archived Crime in Alaska publications available online

The Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center (AJSAC) is currently working to create an online repository for Alaska’s uniform crime reporting (UCR) statistics by converting hard copies of Crime in Alaska publications into searchable PDF documents.  This AJSAC project is an effort to make existing Alaska justice data more widely accessible to the public.

The archived data includes Crime in Alaska publications from 1976-1999. Copies of Crime in Alaska for 2000-present are available online at the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) website :

The project is scheduled to be completed by November 1, with searchable PDFs available online at:
Donté Powell holds some of the
hard copies of crime data for Alaska
that he is scanning for an online repository.

Khristy Parker, AJSAC Research Professional, is supervising this project. Volunteer and Justice alum, Donté Powell, BA Justice ’14, is assisting. Donté is in the process of testing to join a law enforcement agency.  He hopes to get some experience in the field and then become a crime analyst.