Friday, August 15, 2014

Justice Center academic programs prioritized for enhancement

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) recently completed a program prioritization process. An independent taskforce of  faculty comprehensively reviewed how effectively each academic program was fulfilling UAA’s mission.

The Bachelor of Arts in Justice was “prioritized for enhancement,” meaning that enhancing this academic program is integral to UAA’s opportunity to excel. Only 46 of the 313 academic programs at UAA were “prioritized for enhancement.” 

The taskforce also concluded that 3 Justice programs should be “considered for enhancement”  -- the general education requirement course in Justice, the Minor in Justice, and the Justice sponsored research program; and 1 should be “maintained”  -- the general education requirement course in Legal Studies.
The new program options in Legal Studies were not yet included in this review, and the Certificate in Paralegal Studies had been previously suspended and replaced by an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Overall, the taskforce concluded that each of the ongoing Justice Center programs supports UAA’s priorities and meets community needs.  Evaluators found that Justice Center programs were:
  • actively seeking out new opportunities for research, teaching, and service,
  • pursuing ways to conduct programs and research efficiently,
  • performing robust assessments of how well students meet the educational outcomes of Justice   programs, 
  • using these assessments to improve course offerings,
  • strengthening UAA’s research productivity, 
  • making important contributions to the public square, and
  • providing significant research and mentoring opportunities for students.
The Justice Center is proud of its history and of its current role in UAA’s success. We look forward to enhancing our contributions toward making Alaska a safer, healthier, and more just society.

Click here for the prioritization website and links to the reports.