Friday, June 13, 2014

Justice faculty present about UNAC faculty contributions at UA Board of Regents meeting

Dr. Ron Everett, Dr. Sharon Chamard, and Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Center faculty, presented public testimony at the UA Board of Regents June 6 meeting at UAA.

They were invited by UNAC (United Academics - the largest higher education faculty union within the University of Alaska) to give testimony highlighting the contributions of UNAC faculty.

Dr. Everett (center) discusses public service.
Dr. Everett discussed the community service and assistance to nonprofits and other government and community organizations he has provided, highlighting work with juvenile justice agencies and organizations providing reentry services to released offenders.

Dr. Chamard (center) speaks about
involving students in research.

The involvement of students in real-world research projects to benefit the community was highlighted by Dr. Chamard, such as social and physical observations done in community areas to identify how crime prevention through environmental design could be implemented.

Dr. Rivera discussed the variety of funded research projects engaged in by the Justice Center and their alignment with the Justice Center mission of "Leading Alaska toward a safer, healthier, more just society"; the many areas of research that are related to public health issues, including substance abuse, underage drinking, and violence against women; and the community partnerships that are part of this work.
Dr. Rivera (center) describes some funded research projects.