Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Prof. Knudsen joins faculty response panel for debate on state's obligation to prevent climate change

L to r: Prof. Ray Anthony, Prof. Paul Ongtooguk, and Toby Schwoerer,
listen to Prof. Knudsen's response to the debate.
Prof. Kristin Knudsen, J.D., Justice faculty, was a member of the faculty response panel for the  Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence & the UAA/APU Difficult Dialogues Initiative sponsored debate on: "Does the state have an obligation to act to prevent climate change?"  

The event featured the award-winning UAA Speech and Debate Team, a faculty response panel, and a facilitated public discussion.  Members of the faculty response panel included Prof. Knudsen; Toby Schwoerer, Institute for Social and Economic Research; Prof. Paul Ongtooguk, School of Education; and Prof. Ray Anthony, Philosophy Department.

This program is part of a series of debates and discussions sponsored by the UAA Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence since 2003 to offer the Anchorage community access to university resources as a basis for discussions of policies and issues affecting its future.

For more information on these events, contact or 786-4605.