Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr. Rivera interviewed on KRUA "Informania" about the Justice Center and the fields of justice & criminology

Dr. Marny Rivera ready for
her interview.
Dr. Marny Rivera, Justice Undergraduate Program Coordinator, was interviewed February 18 on KRUA 88.1 The Edge - the UAA student radio station - on "Informania."  The program host is Deb the Librarian, aka Professor Deborah Mole, Liaison Librarian to the Journalism & Public Communications Department.

Click here to listen to an archived version of the interview with Dr. Rivera. (The full interview is about 60 minutes.)

Summary of interview topics: Dr. Rivera discusses what brought her to criminology and the justice field, her recent underage drinking research,  Justice Center research projects, Justice Center publications including the Alaska Justice Forum and the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Fact Sheet, and the resources available on the Justice Center website, and the Justice Center Facebook page and Twitter account. She describes faculty areas of expertise, noting specific research areas such as violence against women, juvenile justice, prisoner reentry, homelessness, and criminalization of marijuana.

The interview includes details about the academic programs at the Justice Center and the bio-behavioral criminology capstone course, as well as the role of Justice faculty in advising students. Dr. Rivera talks about the goal and focus of research and research methodology, provides tips to students about selecting a research topic, outlines research opportunities for students, explains what courses and career options are available to students interested in the justice field, and highlights the activities of the Justice Club and the Pre-Law Society.  She closes the interview by stressing that she and the Justice faculty believe in the importance of students finding something they can feel passionate about and carrying that passion into a career after leaving the university.

"Informania" is a weekly interview show that helps satisfy the need for information. Prof. Mole also selects music to match the theme of the program. Get more information and an archive of past interviews on her blog - "Deb's Informania Radio Show."