Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Director of Statistical Analysis Center presents at data workshop sponsored by National Governors Association

Alan McKelvie, Director of the Alaska Justice Statistical Analysis Center, is a panelist on August 23 for a data workshop in Anchorage sponsored by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices. The "Alaska In-State Policy Workshop" is part of the efforts to "improve Alaska's ability to link data across justice agencies to help the state measure recidivism rates."

Mr. McKelvie, a member of the Alaska team, will assist in  providing a project overview and status update of the APSIN (Alaska Public Safety Information Network) ID Query Project. The goal of the project is to implement adopting a single type of person identifier to be used by the Alaska justice system.  Currently, an individual in the justice system may have a different ID number assigned to him/her by various justice agencies with whom the individual is involved, e.g., Alaska State Troopers, corrections, the courts, etc. The lack of a single ID number across all justice agencies creates tremendous problems when attempting to analyze data to determine recidivism rates.   

Other panelists include Thomas MacLellan, Director, Homeland Security and Public Division, National Governors Association Center for Best Practices; Carmen Gutierrez, Deputy Commissioner, Prisoner Rehabilitation & Reentry, Alaska Department of Corrections; Kathy Monfreda, Chief, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau, Alaska Department of Public Safety;and other members of the Department of Public Safety Development Team.

Workshop participants will work with the National Governors Association to develop a strategic plan for adopting and integrating the APSIN ID across state agencies in order to track offender recidivism.