Monday, December 5, 2011

Forum author interviewed by KSKA about immigrants in Alaska

Antonia Moras, former editor of the Alaska Justice Forum and author of  "Immigrants in Alaska: Authorized and Unauthorized," which appears in the Summer/Fall issue of the Alaska Justice Forum, was interviewed by KSKA's Len Anderson as part of  the station's  "Changing Faces" series.

Ms. Moras' article describes how our immigrant population is lower and place of origin of immigrants differs from other states, and the comparatively few unauthorized immigrants in Alaska .  She also discusses immigration court proceedings and the increasing length of time to adjudicate cases both here and in the rest of the U.S.
Listen for the full story:
"State's Immigrant Population Lower than Average" (by Len Anderson, KSKA, December 1, 2011)

The Anchorage Daily News also carried a story about this article:
"Alaska has few than average immigrants, higher percentage Asian" (December 2, 2011)