Friday, May 20, 2011

2011 Justice Center Bike to Work Team

Today is Anchorage's 7th Annual Bike to Work Day. This year's Justice Center Bike to Work Team pedaled in the sunshine and a bit of wind to the UAA campus. The team for 2011 included the family of Justice faculty member Dr. Brad Myrstol: Tana Myrstol, UAA Office of Special Programs, and their son, Finn. Team members also enjoyed the barbecue at noon provided by the UAA Office of Sustainability. Prof. Deb Periman, Justice faculty member, has led the team as Team Captain for the past several years.

The early arrivers:
Tuyet Tran, Barbara Armstrong, Amy Perkins, Tana Myrstol, Brad Myrstol, Finn Myrstol

Later in the day, the rest of the team arrived:
Barbara Armstrong, Tuyet Tran, Amy Perkins, Deb Periman, Sharon Chamard,
Brad Myrstol, Troy Payne, Ezekiel Kaufman

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Photos by Melissa S. Green and Barbara Armstrong, UAA Justice Center.