Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dr. Trostle retires from Justice Center

Dr. Lawrence Trostle, Professor at the Justice Center for eighteen years, is retiring in June of 2009. Dr. Trostle received his Ph.D. in criminal justice from Claremont Graduate School, where he was also Co-director of the Haynes Foundation Law Enforcement Training Grant. One of his major teaching and research areas has been law enforcement, and he is the author and co-author of numerous articles including, “Policing the Arctic: The North Slope in Alaska,” “The Nonenforcement Role of Police in Western Alaska and Eastern Canadian Arctic: An Analysis of Police Tasks in Remote Arctic Communities,” and “The Alaska Territorial Police.” His course, “Cinematic Images of Justice,” was a perennial favorite in which he explored crime and justice issues with students in an engaging and interactive way. Dr. Trostle brought his real world experience in law enforcement to his teaching and research, having served with the Los Angeles Country Sheriffs’ Department and also with the San Marino, California Police Department. He is the past president of the Western and Pacific Association of Criminal Justice Educators, and served on many community committees and advisory boards including the Alaska Civic Learning Assessment Project, as well as on a variety of UAA committees. Dr. Trostle’s long-time contributions to the Justice Center are many and invaluable, and the entire UAA community appreciates his service and commitment.